Thank You Alder

"Giving gifts to the people I love is one of the greatest joys in my life. Seeing the looks on their faces, and sharing that moment helps the stresses of the world fall away."

It's this philosophy that brought designer Rylee Postulo to create Thank You Alder.  Her goal was to create an array of one-of-a-kind gifts to help you celebrate your loved ones and the time you've spent together. Rylee has translated her intricate ink drawings into beautiful, customizable ornaments to help you commemorate any occasion or your favorite holiday! From iconic cities, to peaceful scenes, to adorable creatures, you'll find Rylee's love for travel, nature, and love itself throughout all of our pieces.

Our Process

All of our pieces are designed and made by hand and with our trusty laser engraver in Victoria, BC. Each ornament is assembled with layers of sustainable alder and maple wood. Pieces featuring vibrant colors are hand-painted in our studio, and clear coated to make sure they last as long as the memories!